Real Estate

Our firm regularly advises buyers and sellers, real estate agents, private lenders and investors about all aspects of real estate transactions and real estate ownership.  Contrary to many attorneys, we work to help our clients avoid litigation if at all possible through multiple means of dispute resolution.  In our experience, the only people who usually benefit from litigation are the attorneys, and we aim to work for our clients’ benefit.

Specifically, we frequently assist buyers and sellers of real estate, both residential and commercial, where disputes arise in the transaction.  Often times one party’s agent will refer their client to us for assistance, knowing we will do our best to prevent them from entering a prolonged court battle.

Many real estate transactions occur without any dispute between the parties involved, and in these transactions we also offer assistance in a number of ways.  Preparing documents for the transaction is a key task we perform daily, including deeds, which are returned within a day of request, lender documents, leases, and other documents as needed.  We also review and provide advice regarding contracts, leases, and any other transactional real estate documents where one of the parties to the transaction needs an attorney’s opinion prior to making a large investment.

One more real estate related service we perform regularly for clients is settlement of transactions, from a simple refinance to complex commercial development transactions.

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